Dalton Bayliss Photography     

Photography & Fine  Art Studio

I've always viewed the world in a creative light, stretching my imagination beyond the limits of reality. I feel a passionate desire to share my views with the world, to show them life through my eyes, a life which so inspires me to create. Given the opportunity, we can help make the world a brighter place.

Royal Lotus Photography & Fine Art Studio was established in 2016, 
My goal is to run a fully functioning photography and graphic design business. I want to be able to give life to my ideas, while also offering low-cost,  professional services. I want to be able to give people opportunities and benefits that might normally be  out of their price range. Once my business has enough profits and exposure, I plan to open a line of custom apparel and accessories. I dream of sharing my creations with people in a fun and useful way. My custom designs will be printed on a variety of clothing and accessories, ranging from T-shirts, to hats, to phone cases and more. I will also  be selling prints of most original art pieces, with various sizes available to purchase. 

I believe that businesses should be for the people, not for personal gain or greed. With an investment, I will be able to purchase all the equipment necessary to offer the public a professional and,  more importantly, affordable experience. With wages so low and the cost of living so high, I want people to know they can still afford to have the nice things they've always wanted. I'll be able to give a single mother beautiful portraits of her newborn baby without having to worry about cost. I can offer children functional and fashionable clothing, with allowance money left over. I can give people the products and services they deserve, and they can help support local artists and businesses. 

Artistry is about more than the singular - it's about an entire community. I'm proud to say that I am a part of a much larger, much more diverse community of talented artists, gifted in their trades and talents. Community means helping and supporting one another. Once my business is making profits, I plan to give back to my fellow artists and community members by donating time and money to help those in need.